Palmer Park

Palmer Park Group Photo

Palmer Park

Palmer Park is a beautiful collection available only through Quality Fabrications and our retailers.

Morris Mission

If you are looking for classic style, look no further than the Morris Mission Collection of Quality Fabrications.

Shaker Collection

Our Shaker Collection is a mix of a modern look with a blast from the past.

Mission Collection

Nothing will make your home feel like it is exactly where you belong more than the love of your family and the Quality Fabrication Mission Collection.

Sleigh Collection

If a classic look is what you want, nothing delivers better than the Sleigh Collection from Quality Fabrications.

Country Mission

The Country Mission Collection from Quality Fabrications is exactly how it sounds; it is simple quality, just like a farmer in the fields.

Olde Shaker

Some people have said no furniture they have ever seen is a beautiful as the Olde Shaker Collection from Quality Fabrications.

Xtreme Comfort

We call it the Xtreme Comfort Collection for a reason beyond the x-shaped supports. If you are looking for ultimate comfort, here is your answer.


Just to look at the Madison collection from Quality Fabrications takes you to a heavy wooded area of peace.


Suitable for any household, if you want the feel of a beautiful condo in the city or a lovely ranch in the suburbs, the Gateway collection is for you.

Shaker Gateway

The Shaker Gateway Collection from Quality Fabrications is the ultimate furniture line. No matter where you may search, you will find none with equal class.


If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world when you go home, the Kimbolton Collection is what you need.


The Tiverton Collection from Quality Fabrications was designed with the people in mind who like to entertain their guests regularly.